Unique Pool Maintenance Tricks for the Summer

You cannot resist the allure of a pool when the weather is warm. Your in-ground pool beckons with the thoughts of soaking up some sun and refreshing drinks as you relax by the pool. Besides, pools give you the opportunity to socialize with your friends as you relax as well as during pool parties. An in-ground pool allows you to enjoy dancing to your favorite music with your friends as you socialize. However, you’ll need some effort to keep your pool clean, safe for swimming and functioning effectively. Every homeowner should be diligent in maintaining their pools in good condition, but it shouldn’t be a painful exercise.

Just like humans require a doctor for treatment, pools too need the pool maintenance seattle wa has, for an annual check-up. However, it is advisable to make a list of any irregularities you have noticed so that the professional can handle them during their yearly maintenance routine. Notably, homeowners should never overlook any unusual happenings in their pools, such as odd smells, holes in the pool liner, or loud sounds from pool equipment. Besides, you can keep your pool in excellent condition all summer long if you complete the necessary maintenance tasks. You can check out these care tips to keep your pool maintained throughout the year.

Toss in a Tennis Ball

When a swimmer applies lotion or sunscreen products, they end up in the swimming pool. The substances, in the long run, make the pool dirty quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to swim in a dirty pool because a tennis ball sucks up the chemicals and extra oils that shouldn’t be present in the pool. It is advisable to let a tennis ball float in the pool always.

Buy Baking Soda

You can purchase an alkalinity increaser from your local shop that sells pool cleaners. It is a solution that maintains the pH levels of your swimming pool. You need to purchase an affordable baking soda because it serves the same purpose. Notably, the amount of baking soda you use will be based on the size of your pool.

Keep Dogs Out

Dogs love being around their owners and playing around the pool. However, chlorine is not suitable for dogs because it irritates their skin. Besides, the dogs will make the pool dirty, and dog hairs might block your filters. However, make sure that the pool’s pH levels are below 3.0 when you must bring your dog to the pool.


Toe the Tile Line

If you are aware, you will note dirt, contaminants, and residue around the water line because they accumulate over time. Consequently, you need to clean the area at least once a week, which also reduces how fast your pool gets cloudy because the dirt doesn’t get to the pool. Weekly cleaning is also integral in reducing calcium buildup as well as grime that gets into the water.

Track Water Usage

Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity affect the rate at, which your pool loses water. However, an average pool shouldn’t lose more than a quarter of an inch daily. You need to monitor the pool’s water loss rate using a bucket to be sure that the pool isn’t leaking.