Not all Storage is Created Equal


here are many kinds of storage and not all of them are outside of your home. Generally, when someone is referring to storage they are referring to public storage. The kind of storage that is often used when someone is moving and is outside of the home and on the grounds of a property that has multiple storage “containers” for sell. However, storage is more than just that. In addition to public storage there is also in-home storage and the storage on media devices as well.

Public Storage

Public Storage is just that, a place where you can store your things in public. Often people use public storage when they are in transition to a new place that will take a little bit of time. Public storage is also used to store bigger items that cannot be stored at home. For example, boat storage units are used to store boats that cannot fit on the property of the individual that owns it and instead of getting rid of the boat all together, they are able to store it and can retrieve it when they are ready to use it. Boat storage units redmond wa are excellent ways to free up space in the driveway and allows for the proper protection of a boat – away from the elements that it would otherwise be exposed to at home or on a harbor.

Another way public storage is used is to free up space inside the home. It’s very easy to become a pack rat, especially when it comes to old memorabilia from high school and college. Using public storage allows one to keep those items for memory sake and keep the home free of clutter and excess items.

In Home Storage

In home storage is the most commonly used storage but isn’t viewed as such. The most popular usage of in home storage is the file method that is often done with clothing. During the winter all the summer clothes are usually stored away, and winter clothes are often stored away during spring and summer. Another way clothes are stored is in storage containers for old clothes waiting to be donated or clothes that will be passed down to younger siblings. In home storage usually consists of storage containers inside of a spare closet, in the back of a used closet, or in the garage.

Another form of in home storage is what is done with excess items. Usually when someone purchases from wholesale type retailers in bulk they usually have an excess of multiple items. To accommodate for the overage, the excess items are often stored away in smaller storage bins and organized in a cabinet near where that item is commonly used, in the pantry or the linen closet.

Media Storage

When shopping for a technological device the first question that one usually asks is, “How much storage does it have?” The storage often referred to is media storage. Media storage refers to the storing of media items such as pictures, videos, applications, etc. The more media storage a device has usually determines the likelihood that it will be purchased, since more people are increasingly interested in social media.

Storage takes on many shapes and locations. While some are tangible, others are virtual. No matter which one is chosen, there’s always something for everyone.