Invest in a Water Softener and Save Money

Having a water softener will help to protect your appliances from excessive wear and tear which will ultimately lead to a premature breakdown. About 85 percent of homes in the United States have hard water as their main water supply, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Hard water contains too many minerals and metals such as iron and calcium.

Hard water contains an array of mineral deposits such as zinc, aluminum, barium, and sulfur to name just a few, but the measurement of the “hardness” actually refers to the calcium carbonate found in every liter of water. If the number is over 60ml, then it is considered to be hard water. There are many home tests that you can get to give you an idea of how hard your water is and how hard it is on your appliances. Appliances are not cheap to replace so you want to do all that you can to take care of them. Making sure that your water is not too hard will help to keep your appliances healthy so that they will last a long time.

Hard water isn’t going to cause too much trouble when you drink it, as it’s deemed safe for consumption. But it is rough on your household appliances. water softeners kansas city mo will either remove or dilute the minerals and metals found in hard water. They also offer many other benefits as well.

Having your water run through a water softener will make your job of keeping your home and laundry clean easier since hard water can cause white spots on clothing and on dishes. Soft water helps soap and detergent to make more suds and will cut down on the amount that you need to use as soft water makes soaps and shampoos go a lot farther. It will also save you money since you won’t have to buy detergent and soap as often.

All appliances that use water such as your dishwasher, washing machine and water heaters will not work as efficiently as they should when hard water is present. And they will have much shorter lifespans. Water heaters can heat softened water more quickly than hot water and can improve efficiency as much as by 22 percent for an electric heater and as much as 29 percent for gas-powered water heaters.

Your plumbing system will also have fewer deposits in them which means fewer cogs and corrosion that has the chance to build up and take place. You can greatly extend the life of your plumbing system by reducing the minerals and deposits that build up there. Shower heads can become clogged as well as faucets and taps if hard water is used. Scaly deposits will build on these fixtures which make them look less pristine, and it will be a lot of work to get them clean again. It only takes a couple of years for them to get clogged up as well which isn’t much time.