How to Prevent Pests

Cockroaches, bed bugs, gnats, rats, mice, and many other pests can make their way into your home without an invitation. Immediately these pests begin causing trouble for homeowners. For many people, the simple sighting of a pest is enough to make them shriek. Some pests carry disease and most of them damage everything they encounter in your home, whether it is your food, clothing, or furniture and appliances. Is there anything that you can do to keep your home pest-free? Living with pests needn’t be a part of your life. Use the simple tips and techniques below to keep your home free of pests such as those listed above and many others.

Professional Pest Prevention

It is easier to keep pests away than it is to treat them once they’ve infested the home. Hire an exterminator fairfax va to provide preventative maintenance services at your home and gain this simple pleasure. It is recommended that pest prevention techniques are utilized once per year for best results. This low-cost service adds peace of mind and enhanced comfort for every season!

Seal Cracks & Crevices

Cracks in the home’s foundation, in the windows, between the doors, and other crevices in the home can allow easy entrance for pests. Sealing cracks creates a more comfortable environment for everyone in the home and prevent pests from entering the home, at least without a little hard work and effort. So, ensure your home is properly sealed.

Second-Hand Shopping

Thrift store shopping provides many people with a fun way to get great deals on many different items they need for themselves and their home. However, it also increases the risk of bringing home undesirable pests, like the bed bug. Don’t skip out on the fun that you gain from shopping at the thrift store, simply take a few extra steps to protect yourself. Steam clean any furniture that you buy before putting it in the home and make sure to wash clothing and upholstery, toys, and other items before first use.

Keep the House Clean

Pests usually come inside the home to seek warmth and food. Make sure to keep the trash clean, the kitchen countertops free of crumbs, and all food properly stored to create a less desirable space for pests. Make sure you clean the sink, so no food remains behind, too. Vacuum the floors at least every other day to remove crumbs and dirt from the floor. You should also sweep and mop the floor each day to keep spills and other dirt away. Most pests can smell even the tiniest morsel of food, so make cleaning every room in the house, particularly the kitchen, a top priority!

Despite the many different types of pests that are all willing to become your roommates without notice, there is no reason to succumb to their wishes and the devastation they leave behind. You deserve to live in a pest-free, comfortable home. Use the tips above and it is much easier to keep a pest-free home, just the way that you like things!