Designing Interior Spaces with Miami’s Modern Furniture

Living a stylish life that reflects your attitude and viewpoint is everyone’s ideal. How you furnish and decorate your home is one way you can project your style. After all, your home is simply an extension of you. Those who love the modern look find themselves drawn to cleanly designed unique pieces. Finding these pieces to complete a home often requires the aid of an interior designer or at least a consummate shopper. Then the total look takes on the feel of a piece of art with everything in its place, all complementing the whole.

What Constitutes the Modern Look in Interior Design

Modern and contemporary, sometimes confused, are not the same. Contemporary is fluctuating from one trend to another while modern is quite consistent. Yet, you’ll often find both influences in a furniture store miami, which is fitting. The average consumer willingly adds contemporary items to a modern interior. Modern actually refers to the late 19th and early 20th century interior designs and furniture. You’ll find furnishings made of wood, glass, plastic and glossy metals like stainless steel. Stainless steel is a recurring theme for the legs of sofas, chairs and tables. Most importantly modern indicates a clean streamlined design focused on symmetry and unique shapes.

Texture is a Common Element of Modern Design

In every room of a modern home; you’ll find at least one textured element in the space. Texture appears in the form of shag rugs, multi-bulb light fixtures replacing the traditional chandelier and pleated metal supporting a smooth glass-topped table. The modern furnishing designer manipulates a surface to add texture. In modern spaces, often there are perforated surfaces creating a textural look as in a plastic chair created to have holes distributed evenly throughout its curved shape.

Mid-Century Modern

The term Mid-Century modern refers to an era of design prevalent from the 1930s to the mid-1960s. Today’s version of modern furnishings frequently pick up elements of mid-century design. Clean lines, streamlined forms, and organic shapes characterize the look. The pieces are identifiable by their total lack of embellishment.

Modern Interior Accessories

Decorate modern interiors with boldly colored geometric patterned rugs, and even when most of the furnishings are neutral there is always a splash of color in the room. Display color in a bright green chair, an orange sculpted chair, bold blue throw pillows on a white sofa or a tall lime green lamp.

Shape is Essential

Unique shapes are an essential element of modern design, the more organic the better. Circle cut lumber creates an organic feel in a table top. Plastic is molded to provide a more natural shape to comfort the sitting body. Mix the uniquely shaped pieces with the clean lines of the main furnishings and the look remains fresh and uncluttered.

Modern design is almost a science. You have to know how much of one shape mixes well with another to get the formula just right. When you have all the right amounts of everything, you have a successfully designed modern home.