Decorating a Room with Bedding as the Focal Point

When a person walks into a bedroom, they typically notice one thing. It could be a painting, vase or table. This is done intentionally because the item is the focal point of the bedroom. The bedroom designer has intentionally added things like curtains, carpet or furniture to enhance the bedroom’s focal point. One type of item that can be used as a focal point in a bedroom, designer bedding collections.

What is a Designer Bedding Set?

A bedding set is a collection of items made with the same materials that is created for the bed. It generally does not include linens. However, it does include bed covering like comforters, duvet and pillow sham. The bedding collection also includes pillow cases and a bed skirt. A bed skirt is a type of decorative fabric placed between the box spring and mattress. The bedding sets are available in twin, queen and king.

A designer bedding set is one envisioned and constructed by a famous designer. The designer may be a celebrity or a famous bedding designer. The cost of designer bedding sets are usually higher than those not made by a famous designer.

Use the Pattern and Colors in the Bedding Collection to Decorate the Rest of the Bedroom

Every element of the bedroom should make a person’s eye focus on the bedding. The way to do this is to decorate around the patterns or colors of the bedding. For example, paint one wall the accent color used in the bedding collection. Use colors that are soft and are unnoticeable against the bold colors of the bedding set.

Personalize the Bedding Collection by Using Old and New Pieces

Personalized bedding set is one way to design a one-of-a-kind bedroom. Buy a designer bedding set. Add some of the old bedding set like the pillow case or bed sham. It can be one or two pieces just to highlight the new bed coverings.

Use the Bedding Collection to Design a Specific Space

Most people want their bedroom to be an oasis or refuge. This is a place they can relax without guests worrying about the design elements used. A bedding collection can create the right look for the bedroom oasis in mind. For instance, patterns with wild jungle pattern on a bedding set can create a safari themed room.

Using a Bedding Collection as a Bedroom Focal Point is a Fun Option

People often find inspiration for decorating their bedroom in one piece such as fireplace or vacation item. One fun way to decorate a bedroom is to choose a beautiful, bold or stylish bedding collection. Use the patterns and/or colors in the collection to paint the room. The design options are endless when choosing to decorate using a bedding collection designed by a high-end designer. When picking the bedding, choose one based on the materials and not the thread count. Supima, pima and Egyptian cotton are of better quality than a high thread count.