Adding an In-Ground Pool to Your Home Can Add to The Property Value and Add Endless Entertainment!

Growing up, going to the farmland irrigation reservoirs was our idea of fun, and the closest thing we had to a pool. While this was fun at the time, the thorns in the bottom of my feet, the slime, and the frogs were probably not the best swimming options, but that’s what we had available. The fact is we had no clue if it was wastewater, clean water, or some combination of the two. It was cooler than the ambient temperatures, that was the determining factor¬†unfortunately, the standards weren’t exceedingly high. Now, as an adult I can’t imagine encouraging my kids to swim in that muck, gross. The times are much different now than they were in the ’80’s however.

The good thing about being a grown-up, the decisions made are mine; Like having a pool installed. Since I am a woman who makes things happen, I tell my husband and he gets it done (*wink*). The only thing left to do is decide what style of pool I want, how many toys I can fit in it, and wait for the results. Adult-ing is one of those things I can avoid when nobody is watching. Childishly frolicking in my private backyard pool is a good example of ‘nobody is watching’ behavior.

The actual mature consideration of major backyard construction has several elements, including the value to the property the pool adds, entertainment features, and of course the undeniable beauty of an in-ground pool. The bright blue water and surrounding landscape just speaks of a magnificent oasis.

The advancements in pool construction have expanded immensely over the last 20-30 years, since the common backyard pools of yesterday were either square, round, or kidney shaped. Even though at the time I thought they were pretty amazing, the advanced construction available now is incredible. The shape, size, depth, and add-ons are up to the property owner and their budget. If you can dream it, they can build it. How cool is that? The endless available options can integrate water slides, waterfalls, wading pools, rock landscape, and like natural formations or even vanishing edge pools.

If you call a pool contractor Annapolis MD, they can work with you and your architect or hire their own subcontractor to design the perfect layout for your home and landscaping goals. The contractor can work within your budget to offer you the best options that are possible and accommodate your wishes. They can walk you through each step of the process, including local laws about fencing guidelines and restrictions.

Commercial properties such as hotels, apartment complexes, public pools, and resorts can have the best pool in the area by calling in an expert to show the new and exciting designs that have been recently implemented. Styles such as the interactive play pools designed for hours of fun, fountain pools, or lap pools are just some of the options depending on the property type. Both Commercial and residential customers can benefit from the expert advice of a pool contractor. Not only can they design the pool, but they can offer suggestions and help with additional amenities you may not be aware of.